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Membership & Benefits

As they say, membership has its privileges.  Membership in DEFSC allows the both the recreational and competitive figure skater, BOTH CHILD AND ADULT,  access to sanctioned:

  • Testing as appropriate to the skater's level
  • Competitions
  • Educational Seminars
  • Shows and Exhibitions
  • Social Ice, where interns are welcome
  • Opportunity to be Skater of  the Month
  • Christmas Parade Downtown
  • Downtown Rink

All this adds up to is a spirit of fun and the pursuit of a sport you will love!

Membership Descriptions

Full Membership: This is the primary DEFSC membership. Full members age 18 or older can vote and hold office. All members at this level will be allowed to skate at the monthly club social ice sessions (last Sunday of each month). Membership with U.S. Figure Skating is included. Full members are eligible each year for the $105 Competitor’s Assistance to go towards competitions in locations outside of Little Rock. Each Full member also has a corresponding Member Savings Account (MSA) set up where 25% of each dollar the member helps to fundraise is deposited into their account. Members can then use their account to be reimbursed for skating related expenses (lessons, competition entry fees, skating apparel, boots and blades, etc). Full members also are allowed to test on DEFSC sanctioned test sessions. Learn to Skate skaters are welcome to join as full members.

  • Youth Full Member: $175 for youth member and one non-skating parent member
  • Adult Full Member: $150
  • 2nd (Additional) Skating Family Member(s): $135 for each additional skating family member. This category can include sibling, child, and/or spouse of Primary Full or Coach Member.
  • Out-of-State Residents’ Full Membership: $100.

Intern Membership: $50. Members at this level are learning to skate and have not yet completed the Basic Skill 8 and Freestyle 1-6 levels. This membership is designed to encourage the growth of our Learn to Skate skaters and provide an entry level cost of joining DEFSC. Intern members may skate at the monthly club social ice sessions (last Sunday of each month). They also may participate in club-sponsored seminars, ice shows and other events at member rates, if the events/seminars are skating level appropriate. Intern membership does not include a membership with U.S. Figure Skating. Intern members are not eligible for Competitor’s Assistance, Member’s Saving Accounts, or Testing privileges (intern members can only test for Basic 1-8 and Freestyle 1-6 levels for Learn to Skate). Learn to Skate skaters also are welcome to join as full members instead of interns to receive the full DEFSC benefits.

Coach membership: $100. Members at this level are afforded the opportunity to coach on club ice sessions. Members at this level must be in a contractual obligation to the Arkansas Skatium, be 18 years of age, registered with U.S. Figure Skating as a coach, and a member of PSA. Coach members can vote and hold office. These members also will have access at a fee to attend seminars and other educational opportunities offered by DEFSC. Membership with U.S. Figure Skating is included.

Collegiate membership: Members at this level are college students who receive a 4-year consecutive U.S. Figure Skating membership and carry the same privileges as a Full member. Fee is $100 for the first year and $50 for each of the consecutive 3 years. A collegiate member can sign up any time they are in college.

Non-Skating family membership: $30.  Note that one non-skating parent/other family membership is included in the Youth Full Membership.   Additional non-skating family memberships are available at the cost of $30 each. Members as this level who are age 18 or older may vote and hold office. These memberships do not include access to club ice. Membership with U.S. Figure Skating is included.