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Congratulations to all the skaters who passed tests on June 5:

Pre-Preliminary Moves:  Emory Poynter

Pre-Prelaiminary Free Skate:  Laila Almefty-Hernandez

Preliminary Free Skate:  Laila Almefty-Hernandez

Adult Pre-Bronze Moves:  April Bardin

Adult Pre-Bronze Free Skate:  April Bardin

Pre-Juvenile Free Skate:  Jules Gaddy

Juvenile Free Skate:  Lauren McLemore

Intermediate Moves:  Lauren McLemore

Adult Novice Moves:  Dawn Talkington

Senior Free Skate:  Alex Han

And to the Skaters who passed tests in Dallas on June 12:

American Waltz:  Alida Kaufman

Silver Tango:  Alida Kaufman

Kilian:  Maya Griffin

Adult Killian:  Dawn Talkington

Adult Silver Free Dance:  Dawn Talkington

Adult Gold Free Dance:  Dawn Talkington


And Congratulations go to Dawn Doray who passed Adult Silver Moves at the Skating Club of Memphis on June 24, 2016