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Congratulations to the following skaters on completing their tests at the March 2, 2014 test session:


Pre-Preliminary MIF:  Sydney Crary

                            Weijia Shi

Pre-Preliminary Free Skate:  Jenny Zhang

Preliminary Free Skate:  Triniti Horner

                                 Rose Johnson

Pre-Juvenile MIF:  Alida Kaufman

Juvenile MIF:  Rose Johnson

Junior MIF:  Lauren Banko

Adult Pre-Bronze MIF:  Sarah Turner

Adult Pre-Bronze Free Skate:  Sarah Turner

Dutch Waltz:  Lauren McLemore

Canasta Tango:  Lauren McLemore

Hickory Hoedown:  Triniti Horner

Willow Waltz:  Triniti Horner

Ten Fox:  Triniti Horner

At the Dallas Figure Skating Club on March 9:

Paso Doble:  Sherry Gao

Starlight Waltz:  Sherry Gao

Blues:  Sherry Gao

Kilian:  Sherry Gao

And Testing at the Stars of Texas on March 16:

Junior MIF:  Maya Griffin

Starlight Waltz:  Lauren Banko

Adult Viennese Waltz:  Amanda Griffin