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Congratulations to Lauren McLemore for passing her Novice Solo Free Dance on September 24, 2016 in St. Louis.  And Congratulations go to Jen Boyer for passing her Starlight Waltz also in St.Louis on Sept, 24!  Great job!


Congratulations to all the skaters who passed tests on August 7:

Pre-Preliminary Moves:  Michelle Gong

                                Mallory Crosby (July 24)

Pre-Preliminary Free Skate: Michelle Gong

                                       Emily Ye

Preliminary Free Skate:  Emily Ye

                                 Ava Kate Lowery

Pre-Juvenile Moves:  Emily Ye

                             Ava Kate Lowery

Pre-Juvenile Free Skate:  Triniti Horner

Juvenile Free Skate:  Triniti Horner

Senior Moves:  Maya Griffin  (July 24)

Adult Pre-Bronze Moves:  Angelina Bardin

Dutch Waltz:  Laila Almefty-Hernandez

Rhythm Blues:  Laila Almefty-Hernandez

Canasta Tango:  Laila Alfmefty-Hernandez

Cha Cha:  Laila Almefty-Hernandez

Willow Waltz:  Lauren McLemore

14 Step:  Rose Johnson

              Triniti Horner

European Waltz:  Rose Johnson

                         Triniti Horner

                         Jules Gaddy

Foxtrot:  Rose Johnson

American Waltz:  Alex Han

Tango:  Alex Han

Kilian:  Alida Kaufman

Intermediate Solo Free Dance:  Lauren McLemore

Junior Solo Free Dance:  Alida Kaufman

                                  Dawn Talkington (adult)

Senior Solo Free Dance:  Alex Han

Masters Bronze Dance:  Anne Eden